Founded by enthusiasts in March 1993, to represent owners of ALL American vehicles, Motorvatin’ USA quickly became a fully recognised national club. Our aims at the very onset, were the same as they are today: to build a club capable of promoting American vehicles, both classic and modern, to a far wider audience - and more importantly, one to which enthusiasts would be proud to belong.

It wasn’t long before smaller one-marque clubs realised the benefits of being associated. In 1994 the
Classic Chevy Club became incorporated, followed closely by the Classic Camaro Club (yes, we know they’re Classic Chevies too, yet we saw no reason why both could not remain clubs in their own right). The latest to join ranks (in 1998) has been the UK Buick Club, which has always enjoyed a very large following this side of the Atlantic. Those wishing to be affiliated with any of the above associated clubs will automatically receive their own individual laminated membership card and tax disc holder. Each, also has their own club secretary - and of course a separate section in the club magazine.

Today, all four clubs now make up the Association of American Car Clubs UK.
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